Solar Park

How many applications are there for solar energy? This list is constantly expanding! To allow our customers to observe some of these applications, Wilderness Trace Solar, Inc. is in the process of installing different types of solar energy systems in our growing Solar Park!

Current featured system in our Solar Park:
*Click on the links to learn more about each feature.

  1. Grid-Tied Double-Axis Tracking Solar Energy System in front of Wilderness Trace Solar, Inc.
  2. Grid-Tied Solar Awning at Wilderness Trace Solar, Inc.
  3. Solar Street Light (6M, 30W) in Wilderness Trace Solar, Inc.’s parking lot
  4. All-in-One Solar Street Light (on the North side of the building)
  5. Pond fountain, power by solar in front of Wilderness Trace Environmental (WTES) – Culligan
  6. Off-Grid Roof-Mounted Solar Energy System on the Warehouse at WTES.
  7. Grid-Tied Solar Energy System (including ballast and post ground mounts) behind WTES.

Other Systems Off-Site:

  1. Pool-heating system powered by solar, at the residential home of Wilderness Trace Solar, Inc.’s owner.


All these applications are pretty awesome, but don’t just take our word for it! Come on over and see for yourself: they are much more impressive in person.

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