Residential Systems

Solar Power Systems for Residential Homes and Buildings

nabcep LOGOWilderness Trace Solar, Inc. designs and installs solar energy systems for residents in Central Kentucky. Here are some factors to consider:

How do I know if my site is optimal for solar?

  1. Solar energy systems produce the most energy facing the south. East and west facing panels can be functional, but will not produce optimal energy.
  2. Both roof-mounted and ground-mounted systems are available. In the absence of a south facing roof, ground-mounted systems may be better provided space is available. Click on the links to learn more about roof- mounted vs. ground-mounted systems.
  3. Either mounting option requires a generous amount of exposed and unshaded area

Not sure if you meet this criteria? Contact us today!

The size of your solar energy system will be determined based on three main criteria:

  1. Solar energy systems will not exceed the size needed to off-set your annual energy usage.
  2. If you have a space limitation the solar energy system will be designed to off-set as much of your annual energy usage as possible while working with the available space.
  3. If you have a budget limitation the solar energy system can be designed to off-set as much of your annual energy usage as possible working within your budget.

The larger your system, the more energy it can produce. Costs for solar systems can be approximated based on the size of your solar system. What does this mean?

Here’s a simplified example:

For a solar energy system rated at 10 kilowatts (about 30 panels), Wilderness Trace Solar may charge about $25,000. This cost includes any permitting, installations, and inspections necessary to get your solar power system up and keep it running smoothly. Wilderness Trace Solar, Inc. will take care of it all! (Note, again, that this is a simplified example, and your system will vary based on your individual site).

Luckily, most residents are also eligible for 26% federal tax credit – extended through 2022. This means that 26% of the initial cost of your solar power system (in this example, $6,500), would reduce your federal tax liability by $6500.  That value applied to the overall cost of  a 10 kilowatt solar power system with this tax credit would end up costing you only $18,500!

What Can Solar Do For Me As A Resident?  

CLICK Here to read actual Case Study of installed residential system

As you have probably noticed, electric rates in Central Kentucky have been increasing by 3-4% annually. This seems like a small amount, but it adds up quickly! The silver lining of this situation is that as electric rates increase, the energy generated by you solar power system will be worth more. This can be observed in the graph below:

Annual Value of Solar Production

When electric rates increase, all energy costs more. This also means that produced energy is worth more. Even accounting for the slight decrease in efficiency of your solar energy system over time, the overall production of your solar power system will increase in value.

The energy produced by solar energy systems is used to offset the energy used in your home. By generating the energy yourself, and not buying it from the utility companies, you can save a lot of money on your electric bill. This is evidenced by the graph below.


While you still may have a small electric bill, it will be significantly less than the cost of your electric bill without solar!

But When Will I Break Even?

Your solar energy system starts generating savings for you the minute it’s installed.


Over the lifetime of the solar energy system it will save you much more money than the initial investment. Most solar energy systems we install pay for themselves within 9-12 years.

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