Benefits of a Ground Mounted System

  • Cooler panels due to better air flow. Cooler panels are more efficient panels!
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance – no need to work on a steep roof!
  • Roof not south-facing? No problem! With a ground mount you can face the solar array in the optimal direction.
  • Roof in need of repairs? By staying on the ground you will have no additional worries about the health of your roof.
  • Start using unused land to generate electricity and save your money. Money saved is money earned!

Potential drawbacks of a Ground Mounted System

  • The easy access also means easier access for unqualified individuals, which can be dangerous. All of our electrical connections require a special tool to undo, however it is best to keep animals or children away from the panels without adult supervision. A fence can generally be installed around the panels if desired.
  • Concrete, foundations, and trenching are all additional factors to consider in the installation of a Ground-Mounted System. Each site has different requirements, so be sure to talk to a Wilderness Trace Solar representative if you have any questions about how the installation will be performed.
  • The installation of panels on the ground means that this ground area will not be usable for other purposes. However, we can install panels up to 300ft from the closest electrical connection. Let us help you determine a suitable location for your Solar Energy System!