Kohler Generators

What rhymes with SOLAR? KOHLER!  The real reason we chose Kohler Generators as an additional product line to our Wilderness Trace Solar Energy System –  because they work! In our experience and opinion, Kohler Generators provide a more seamless transition when the grid goes down.  They are programmed to interpret the loss of power from the grid instantaneously and will start up within seconds to pick up where the grid left off.  We feel Kohler Generators are the most reliable generator on the market today.

“I have a Solar Energy System! Won’t it work when the “grid” is down?”

When the power grid goes down, if you have a “Grid-Tied” Solar Energy System, the Solar Energy System immediately stops generating power to your home and grid as a safety measure.  Your system is programmed to STOP to keep the utility line workers safe and prevent pushing energy back through the power lines.  This is a great safety feature for the utility line workers.  However, it can result in an inconvenience, or worse, to you, your family, your co-workers, or your customers.  We all know that prolonged power outages are more than an inconvenience, they impact our lives in many ways and can be frustrating.  Power outages can also be expensive – losing your food in your refrigerator and freezer, pipes bursting due to lack of heat, inability to keep cell phones and other key appliances running – the list goes on and on.

When the grid goes down – your comfort, convenience and personal safety don’t have to!  Kohler Generators are the premiere back-up generator for interfacing with your home or business.  Just look behind any hospital or critical care provider and you will see a Kohler Generator always on-deck and ready to serve up back-up power.  Emergency service providers use the best – now you can have that for your home or business too!
Kohler Generators can be installed whether you have Solar power or not.  They are simply the best back-up for power outages.  Contact Us  today to schedule a site visit!

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