Six Things You Should Know When Purchasing Solar For Your Home:

#1 – You should NEVER feel pressured to buy or finance solar for your home.  Your decision to go solar should be economically and/or environmentally driven – not pressured by anyone else.

#2 – Paying in cash (or check) is less expensive in the long-term because payback for your investment is achieved faster when there are no financing charges added to the cost of the system.

#3 –We understand cash (or check) is not always preferred or an option.  If you are interested in financing your residential solar installation – please check with your regular bank  – maybe they can offer a home equity loan – find out about their interest rates and options.

#4 – If your bank is unable to help, we have recently partnered with Sunlight Financial.  Sunlight partners with leading solar installers nationwide to help homeowners save money and achieve their energy goals. Sunlight offers a payment amount and timeline that can flex in the first 18 months depending on whether you choose to apply your 26% Federal Tax Credit or make an additional down payment.  There is never a penalty for early payoff.  Call Wilderness Trace Solar at 859-439-0620 to get prequalified.

#5 – If you do choose to finance, please be aware that any related financing charges will be passed on to you and included in the total amount of your loan.  We are not a financing company.  We are an accomplished solar design and installation company – we stick to our specialty!

#6 – If you are comparing quotes for a residential solar energy system, make sure you receive an “Apples to Apples” comparison – the designed  size of the systems should be the same.  Look at the projected output and not just installed price.  Call us if you have questions – we are glad to help 859-439-0620.