Five Things You Should Know When Purchasing Solar For Your Home:

#1 – You should NEVER feel pressured to buy or finance solar for your home.  Your decision to go solar should be economically and/or environmentally driven – not pressured by anyone else.

#2 – Paying in cash (or check) is less expensive in the long-term because payback for your investment is achieved faster when there are no financing charges added to the cost of the system.

#3 –We understand cash (or check) is not always preferred or an option.  If you are interested in financing your residential solar installation – please check with your regular bank  – maybe they can offer a home equity loan – find out about their interest rates and options.

#4 –We are not a financing company.  We are an accomplished solar design and installation company – we stick to our specialty!

#5 – If you are comparing quotes for a residential solar energy system, make sure you receive an “Apples to Apples” comparison – the designed  size of the systems should be the same.  Look at the projected output and not just installed price.  Call us if you have questions – we are glad to help 859-439-0620.