Q – “How can I learn what I need to know so we can discuss a system for my needs?”

A – Our team at Wilderness Trace Solar has years of experience and we are eager to share information with you.  There are several types of systems available we are glad to help you learn about solar energy systems  – and then you can decide which type of system you prefer.  If you can provide a copy of your electric bills, we can help you determine your electric usage and requirements for a Wilderness Trace Solar Energy System.

Q – “How much does it cost to install a Wilderness Trace Solar Energy System?”

A – Each customer and site has its own set of requirements and capabilities.  Every Wilderness Trace Solar Energy System is custom designed to meet the needs and objectives of the customer within the scope of the abilities of the site to capture solar energy.  Our goal at Wilderness Trace Solar is to provide the most efficient and effective system possible – designed within your budget.  The best way to find out how much a Wilderness Trace Solar Energy System will cost you is to request a site visit.  Those are FREE – Contact US to schedule a site visit.

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Q – “Will my panels still produce when the power is off?”

A – No. When the power grid goes down, if you have a “Grid-Tied” Solar Energy System, the Solar Energy System immediately stops generating power to your home and grid as a safety measure.  Your system is programmed to STOP to keep the utility line workers safe and prevent pushing energy back through the power lines.  This is a great safety feature for the utility line workers.  However, it can result in an inconvenience, or worse, to you, your family, your co-workers, or your customers.  That is why we are also an Authorized  Kohler Generator Dealer.  With Solar and Kohler, your power needs should be covered!

Q – “What other actions can I take now to help reduce my energy consumption?”

A – Taking as many energy saving measures as you can will eliminate energy waste while potentially decreasing the size of the solar system required to meet your needs. Before designing and installing your solar system, some quick things that you can start doing today include:

  • Turn off appliances you aren’t using: This goes for lights, TV’s, gaming systems, etc.
  • If you run air conditioning and/or heating often, make sure you aren’t losing excessive amounts due to poor insulation, doors and windows.
  • Consider upgrading existing appliances, heating, ventilation, air Conditioning (HVAC), hot water heaters, refrigerators, etc. If these appliances use a large amount of electricity, it may be worth upgrading to an energy efficient model.
  • Watch out for devices in “standby” mode. Standby power can consume 7-25% of a home’s electricity bill!
  • Click here to see how a Wilderness Trace Solar Energy System can impact your electric bill and begin paying for itself.
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