HOMES Inc., is where our heart is!!!

“HOMES, Inc. is an affordable housing non-profit organization located in Whitesburg, Kentucky. We’re dedicated to providing safe, affordable and decent housing for low and very low income households in Letcher County and our surrounding service area.”

John Cotten, Wilderness Trace Solar’s General Manager, worked closely with Seth Long and Joe Oliver at HOMES, Inc. as well as Josh Bills of MACED to coordinate implementation plans for this solar energy system for the roof of the HOMES, Inc., offices in Whitesburg, Kentucky.

Danny Tolson 04222019 copy

Danny Tolson, Wilderness Trace Solar’s Operations Manager,  directed and supervised the installation of the 37.96 Kw solar array.  Per HOMES, “The solar system will provide 51% of the energy we use at our corporate office.”  According to a recent article by MACED.Org,”Saving on electric costs is especially important for HOMES as any savings can go back into serving their mission of providing affordable, efficient housing to people in need in southeast Kentucky, instead of to the utility company.  Efficiency also has impacts on HOMES’ new rooftop solar installation – currently in progress! – because solar goes a lot farther when you’re using less electricity to begin with. MACED’s Commercial Energy Specialist Josh Bills estimates that with this new efficient equipment and their solar panels, HOMES will use HALF the electricity per year than they used to!”

Special thanks to Danny Tolson for sharing your skills and training the many helping hands at HOMES and MACED.  For Wilderness Trace Solar it’s always more than a solar installation – it’s about making the resources available to put renewable energy to work in our daily lives.

Photos below are courtesy of HOMES, Inc…




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