Our Owner and Chief Innovator!

Meet our Owner and Chief Innovator, Ken Scott.Ken 03222019

Wilderness Trace Solar, Inc., Danville’s solar energy provider, was founded by Ken Scott on June 1, 2015.  Ken purchased equipment from a small solar panel manufacturer at an auction, hired two former Alternative Energies Kentucky employees, John Cotten and Danny Tolson, and the rest they say is history.  Their passions collided on the promotion of renewable energy and solar power systems.  John is General Manager here at WTS, and Danny is our Operations Manager.

If you ask Ken, “why solar?”, he smiles easily and says, “It’s simple, and elegant.  It’s efficient, renewable and it works!”.  Ken has hundreds of innovative ideas and plans, some of which are already in place at the WTS campus as well as next door at Culligan Water, another business owned by Ken.  He is the motivation behind our Solar Park and enjoys giving tours and explaining the objective behind the mechanics.

In addition to solar-powered projects, Ken and his wife Paula are also leading a Riparian Project involving the water drainage ditch between the WTS building and the Boyle County Detention Center.  The idea is to use native Kentucky plants, shrubs and trees to hold the creek banks preventing further erosion while simultaneously establishing a pollinator’s paradise for our insects and birds.

Wilderness Trace Solar staff appreciate Ken Scott and his wife Paula for all they do for us, our environment, community and world!  Thank you both so much!




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