Frosty The Snowman!

This is the first year Wilderness Trace Solar will participate in the Christmas Parade in downtown Danville, Kentucky held on Saturday, December 8th on Main Street at 7pm.  The parade theme is “Christmas Movies”, so we selected “Frosty the Snowman” as our theme – usually the sun chases Frosty away but for the parade the sun will power Frosty via battery banked power from our Solar Trailer!

Our Solar Trailer has three solar panels mounted to the top and an adjustable arm for manually positioning the panels to catch the sun.  The power captured by the panels is banked into a battery system.  We have an inverter for converting the power to AC and multiple outlets so we can power a number of items simultaneously.  For the parade we will be powering Frosty, our music system and our decorative lights. frosty float.jpeg

Frosty is mounted to stand on top of the panels, which are covered in glittered white felt.  We sewed a side skirt of metallic material to the felt and added hanging spirals and snowflakes.  Lastly we attached our lights lights with zip ties and clips.

It’s really fun to put one of our favorite solar tools to work as a parade float.  We hope to see you there!!




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