Solar Energy System Installer

Chris Tolson has been with Wilderness Trace Solar since 2016 and worked his way up as our Lead Installer.  Chris has a background in residential construction with a private construction company. He has successfully completed numerous certifications to lead the installation team to hundreds of successful solar builds. As an active member of the community and to raise awareness about renewable energy, Chris provided several impromptu presentations to Campton Elementary School about solar energy during their own installation.

Fantastic Scholastic Solar Energy System!

Congratulations to Campton Elementary School in Wolfe County, Kentucky!  The installation of your school’s Wilderness Trace Solar Energy System is nearing completion.

Our installation team has really enjoyed interacting with the local community during this install.  Thank you so much!  We send you warm sunny day wishes for generating lots of solar power for your lovely school.


Campton Elem from the Roof.jpgCampton Elem from the Road 2.jpg