Solar in the Winter

Solar energy may not be at the forefront of your mind in the Winter, but these Winter months can actually be an optimal time to think about installing a Solar Energy System!

It’s true that cloud cover and shorter days can make your Solar Energy System less productive in the Winter. However, the cooler weather is actually better for solar electricity production by solar panels. This means that a bright sunny day in the winter has the potential to produce a lot of solar energy!

Additionally, installing a Solar Energy System in the Winter means that you can take advantage of the months of high productivity during the brighter, longer days and cooler temperatures experienced in the Spring.

Many customers at Wilderness Trace Solar, Inc. have taken advantage of the Winter months to invest in solar. As a result, we have been very busy installing residential Solar Energy Systems. These Solar Energy Systems were designed to offset a portion of each customer’s energy usage and put these customers on track to start saving in 2018. Pictured below is one of the Grid-Tied, Ground-Mounted Systems we recently installed. If you are interested in your installing your own Solar Energy System, fill out a contact form. From there we can set up a site visit and provide an installation quote!




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